Plastic Surgery 
Dr. Thomas Schäfer, Senior Surgeon

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Methods and Complications

Pain? Hospital Stay

Time Schedule

One of the specialties at the department of surgery in Krankenhaus Hallein is correction of large or sagging breasts and so-called abdominal aprons or loose abdominal skin. We also perform correction of slack upper arm skin and obese hip and thighs. The reason why these operations are performed so frequently is because more than 150 patients with morbid obesity are operated on in our hospital every year. These patients either undergo laparoscopic gastric banding or receive a so-called gastric bypass. After an operation of this kind, the patient experiences a significant weight loss which may be as high as 70 kg or more, and causes the skin to become so slack that the patients require plastic surgery, particularly in the breast and the abdomen.

Three examples of surgical correction are described in the following.

In the first series of pictures you see large sagging breasts and the outcome of surgery shortly after removal of the skin sutures. The reddening in the scar region disappears after a few weeks


The second series shows surgical correction of very sagging breasts. The patient specifically desired no breast enlargement


In the third series you see correction of a so-called abdominal apron



If you have markedly enlarged breasts and the symptoms that go with it (pain in the head and neck, back, breasts) or if you have sagging breasts, a loose abdomen, flabby thighs, or upper arms, we should be able to help you with surgical correction. A prerequisite, of course, is that we inspect the changes prior to the operation. This can also be done by sending series of images or pictures (via email or regular mail). Your general health should be in moderately good condition. From a medical point of view there should be no contraindication for surgery. Any blood-diluting medication you may be taking will have to be discontinued well before surgery. If you have to undergo surgery in the breast, a mammography will be obligatory.

Methods and Complications

At your very first out-patient consultation you will be informed in detail about the surgical procedures and possible complications. It would be impossible to explain them here in detail. In any case this information brochure cannot replace a detailed consultation with the doctor, which is held at your first examination and takes about half an hour.

Pain ?

Surprisingly, all of these operations cause no or very little pain. If you still experience pain it will be treated by one of our anesthetists. You will be given specific pain treatment for your requirements.

The in-hospital stay

A very experienced team of nursing staff and doctors will take care of you round the clock while you stay in our hospital. The duration of your hospital stay will be determined according to your needs. As soon as the doctor deems you fit to be discharged from the hospital, your subsequent treatment will be continued on an out-patient basis. For breast tightening or breast reduction you need to stay in the hospital for at least 3 days. For tightening of the abdominal wall, usually you have to spend a minimum of 4 to 5 days in the hospital. Tightening the upper arm skin or thighs requires an in-hospital stay of 3 days.

If skin sutures are needed at all, they will be removed after 10 to 12 days. No stitches will be visible on the outside. After the operation you can resume nearly all activities of your life. In fact, it’s very important that you return to your familiar environment of family, work, leisure activities and sports as early as possible.

Time schedule


Breast tightening or breast reduction

Removal of an abdominal apron (abdomen plasty)

Tightening the upper arm skin and thighs

Day 1


Out-patient examination; you will be informed about the operation in a detailed consultation, and the skin incisions will be outlined on your skin.


Day 2


7:00 a.m. : Admission to the hospital

8:00 a.m. : Operation


Day 4

Removal of drains, change of dressing






Change of dressing. If you wish you can be discharged from the hospital. You will then receive care on an outpatient basis.

Change of dressing, removal of drains, placement of a stocking or an upper arm stocking.


Day 5 to max. day 14


                Outpatient care


Day 10


                   Suture removal



If you want further information you may contact our office at any time and fix an appointment for a personal consultation:

-  For telephone consultation call 0043 6245 799 360 (Mrs. Elfriede Gimpl, Assistant to Prof. Miller Head of the Surgical Department)